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Chinese Bonds - Sector in Brief

Manager Intelligence and Market Trends - February 2021

Investor Spotlight: Cashflow-generating Alternatives Change the Game at Korea’s POBA

Digging into Diversity Part 1: Infrastructure Managers

Securitised Credit - Sector in Brief

Manager Intelligence and Market Trends - November 2020

Secondaries Surge: Four Questions for Private Market Investors

Real Estate Upheaval Puts Manager Discipline in the Spotlight

Benchmarking Alternative Risk Premia

Investors Eye Trade Finance amid COVID Storm as Banks Ship Out

Mid-year Review Five Findings on Manager Performance

Asset Owner Survey: Managing through Uncertainty

Are Multi Asset Strategies Delivering for Investor...

Institutions have increasingly turned to multi-asset strategies – now a diverse menu – for the promise of diversification and a more “all-weather” return profile.

Will “Fallen Angels” Reveal Fixed Income’s Saints ...

With large volumes of BBB credits either undergoing or set to undergo downgrades which knock them off the investment grade plinth, many investment grade bond managers are expecting “fallen angels” to be the main driver of performance through this downturn. Today, the spotlight is on their ability to monitor and manage those positions.

Rethinking Fixed Income’s ‘Hunt for Yield’

The long-running hunt for yield rolls on into an increasingly volatile 2020, with yields on safer fixed income now at or close to five-year lows. Risk-aware investors are seeking to diversify the sources of return in their more aggressive fixed income investments, in order to mitigate potential losses without sacrificing much-needed income.

The Changing Face of Infrastructure Investment

Infrastructure, as an asset class, is now grappling with something of an identity crisis. Does it offer the same promise that underpinned demand a decade ago?

The Rise of Listed Infrastructure and REITs

The past decade has seen dramatic growth in the listed infrastructure sector, as well as the emergence of hybrid strategies that combine listed infrastructure with REITs. This paper draws on the latest manager research to explore key issues for investors.

Investor Spotlight: Italian Pension Fund Cuts Hidd...

With investors honing in on the potential for greater operational efficiency, external fund hosting services are becoming increasingly popular, with a diverse range of banks, asset managers and platform providers getting in on the act.

Do Listed Infrastructure and REITs Work Better Tog...

Amid the recent rise of Listed Infrastructure and REITs, one particularly notable change is the emergence of strategies that incorporate both of these strategies within one offering.

Direct Lending: to Cycle or Not to Cycle?

The start of 2020 has brought a slew of commentary on cooling appetite for direct lending, with the release of data showing a second year-on-year decline in private debt fundraising.

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